Lust have it- June

This months lust have it… I was a little disappointed to be honest.

It contained…

a 24K gold face mask and eye mask- which I will try this weekend

A mini bastiste- Always useful but not a new product to me

2 perfume testers- Lola and  Roberto cavalli- both smell nice but I don’t really like getting samples which are just tiny sized.

and a bloom glitter eyeliner. I tried this yesterday and to be honest felt 16 again. I prefer a more classic face with a healthy glow rather than glitter makeup so I will probably be giving this one away.

The last 2 have come in these bags, which are cute but I don’t know if 12 a year would really be necessary or useable. I will wait and see what is in next months box but was disappointed in the lack of full size products and usable products for me.

What did you make of the beauty boxes this month? would this one temp you?