Freedom london

Yet more budget beauty. My quest for budget beauty continues and this pretty little lot was delivered to australia for around $60


freedom makeup is a new launch which I had seen being tagged as #macforthemasses whilst I am not a huge fan this really reeled me in. Imagine such quality products at affordable prices!

I chose two bronzers ( animal print), two blush and highlight kits, an eyeshadow pallette and three lip butters. As always I am not planning to swatch everything but just show you some items on the face and have a general chat about them. So far I like the products, they smell nice quite powdery but nice, the eyeshadows feel a bit more creamy than I like and half of them are more glittery ( not glitter though as I hate this) and the other is a perfect everyday slight sheen. The blush and highlight kits are just lovely so much selection and honestly gorgeous colours these are complete winners for me. I have used the setting spray and will continue to do so and so how this affects the staying power of my makeup.

One product which has really suprised me is the lip butters. These look like a gloss in packaging with a wand applicator but are much more matte. They have a fairly sheer but build able colour and I really like them. Your lips needs to be in good condition but I think they are really wearable, non sticky, and a nice alternative to gloss.

Have you tried freedom london? They currently have 20% off if you sign up which takes the bargains to even better value. I would definitely recommend the blush and highlight palettes, shadow palettes and lip butters.

Here are a few pics of my ugly mug wearing some of the products. If you want proper swatches shout!




W7 cosmetics

Forget minimalism lately I have been loving budget beauty. Without all the extra cash of two incomes I have been diligently applying myself to trying some brands I normally overlook! W7 came to my attention because some of the products appeared to be very similar to some higher end faves of mine. Available from chemist warehouse I think W7 is actually a uk brand. My only gripe is lack of availability of all items- there is more I would love to try.


I tried the flirty lashes mascara. I felt this had a similar brush to benefit they’re real but for me did not perform as well. I liked it and thought it was great for everyday but it wasn’t quite as good. I have heard absolute lashes is a much better dupe and I will try this when I see it.

The honey queen honeycomb blush looks really similar to a lot of benefit blushes. I don’t like to pay high end prices for cardboard package as it can look ratty quickly and doesn’t travel well in my opinion. I really like this blush for a soft, subtle daily look with bb cream and lipbalm.


Alternatively with a statement lip where you want blush which won’t clash!

The gel liner is excellent in my opinion. I am more of a liquid liner girl but this stuff doesn’t budge all day! Winning I have been reaching for this more and more. Very black in colour and good longevity.

Finally the looser, for me, the light diffusing concealer is a bit lumpy, dry and chalky and I just don’t love it!

what W7 products do I need to try next?

MAC and Zoeva

MAC and Zoeva and so much makeup. I had a blow out. It was a planned blow out but a blow out none the less.

A few weeks ago I went to a MAC makeup masterclass. It cost $120 which was fully redeemable against products and the lovely MAC ladies spent around 4 hours teaching a group of 8 girls how to do their makeup. MAC runs a whole series of these classes and each time you get a set of instructions which you can annotate and keep in the folder they provide you with. You also get refreshments and some lovely cup cakes. 
Whoops, I bought pretty much everything. They spent so much time going through each product, and we all applied the makeup on ourselves

My final look was like this ( please excuse the messy hair)

Nice and natural for the wedding. They also taught us to apply it all with the MAC brushes. I had bought the eco tools brushes but they didn’t quite have all the ones needed. I found the Zoeva website (link above) and had read they were a good dupe for MAC brushes. I got the complete set for Euro88 which was a bargain and contained 16 fantastic quality brushes. I cannot wait to use these. I also got an eyeshadow primer and am unsure if this was part of the set or a little freebie. All the brushes have their own plastic case, like sigma brushes, and a large wallet to hold them all.
I was so happy with these buys. I cant wait to use them all. Hurry up wedding!
Have you heard of Zoeva??

ps the shipping was really reasonable and very quick. Fantastic service.

It looks like a girl bomb has gone off in the lounge

haha the title of this post is what my other half said to me when I had my products sprinkled everywhere getting things ready. Rather than reviewing individual products I am going to start doing posts on my favourite face products of the moment. Normally I have two go to looks. One is more natural on the eyes and brighter lips the other is more on eyes and less on lips.

So without further ado here are the products I am currently loving.



I always do my base with bare minerals as mentioned in the previous post. I also love the sleek brow kit and also the sleek Glo HighlighterFor budget products both of these are fantastic.

For my minimal face I use a quick sweep of savvy mineral baked blusher in blossom. I find this a really great budget mineral blusher and a little goes a really long way. On my lids I dab on a little kitcream eyeshadow in pretty quickly. This was a freebie which I have found myself using more and more. A quick line with rimmel glam eyes and some Natio super long lash mascara and I am almost ready to go. A final slick of Revlon just bitten kisable balm stain in romantic.

For my other face I use two mineral shadows Shanga Camellia over the lid. I love this colour as it is a slightly peachy pale pink which I prefer to cooler pinks. I also use a smudge of Adorn mineral cosmetics eye create intensive eye in copper which has a nice warmth to it. I also use a line of korres eyeliner pencil in brown. Sometimes I line my water line with a second korres pencil in golden which I prefer to a harsh white water line. I think this is a litle softer but perks up my eyes just as well. Finally I use a little blush from kit in peachy keenand on the lips I use Korres liquid lipstick in number 13. These are weird as they look like a lip gloss but go on tacky then dry to a lipstick feel. The reason I like them so much is they last well.

How do you do your daily face? should I do more posts like this?

Review- Bare Minerals

I have probably been banging on about Bare Minerals before on here but have never really taken the time to do a proper review. A while ago my skin was terrible and I decided to try mineral makeup to help improve it. I think my change in skin care has also helped hugely and I will do a post on my skincare routine,as I love reading other peoples, and I really feel this is working for me at the moment. That said I do feel that bare minerals has really helped improve my face.

I used a starter kit originally, a fantastic way to trial the products, which costs $85. Mine was from kit cosmetics. Now I have all the full sized products but if you use the trial kit you also get the necessary brushes to apply it all properly.


I also have an Everyday Minerals brush which is really lovely. When you buy the products you are taught to apply them and there is also an instructional dvd, which I have never watched!

I used the illuminating primer all over my face. This is nice and this and gives the face a great glow. One pump is all you need for the whole face and it does make it feel nice and smooth.I then wait a couple of minutes and put on the mineral foundation in light. I tap a little into the lid, swirl my brush, tap brush to get rid of excess then buff it onto my skin. I use either my Everyday Minerals kabuki or a full face brush. If I have any blemishes I use the smaller brush (max coverage concealer) to put some extra product to hide them. I then use the face brush to apply warmth to my face. Warmth is a matt bronzer which you apply around the face line and under your cheek bones. I use the max concealer brush and the bare minerals in Bisque under my eyes to cover dark circles. Finally using the full face brush I have a quick dip, swirl and tap in the mineral veil and buff it on. At the moment I have the illuminating veil which , in my opinion, is a little too sparkly. I wanted a glow but think you get this better from the original without the sparkle.

I was worried , as I have dry skin , that I may look a bit dull or dry using a powder but I am definitely converted and feel that it gives me glow enough. A selection of faces are below.



Do you use mineral makeup? what is your favourite brand?

My makeup stash

I thought to start the year I would do a clear out and review of all my products in the makeup and clothes area so I know what I have and if I need anything, I am happy to say I don’t! Far from it I a, equipped for the year. This is not a bragging post, I feel I have to add, more a look at what I have and will be using.


Face products all bare minerals except for the korres powder. I also have invisible zinc( tinted) with korres powder at work. Each day I prime, cover with the face powder, use the concealer under the eyes and then finish with the veil. With the new illuminating items I have I may use the old primer with illuminating veil or the korres powder with the illuminating primer.


Highlighters are bare minerals and sleek. I think I like sleek best!


My brow kit is sleek and I love it.


Whoopsie… What a lot of eye liners. One Rimmel liquid liner, lots of korres n various colours and some Lancôme black ones.


Mascaras… Natio is being used at the moment with the others for when it is finished.


Blushes, my new ones from kit, a body shop one and a baked one from Priceline which was around $7 and is really lovely.


Bronzers.. The bare minerals is matt for contour and the kit is shimmery for glow. I also have the elf contour and cheek set at work.


Whoopsie what a lot of lip fun, Clinique chubby sticks, korres lip laquers, loccitane gloss ( a fave) and korres gloss. I use these all in rotation.


Mineral sparkle shadows, mainly from beauty boxes, in a variety of colours which I use as a wash with liner when I have a coloured lip. Example from a wedding in December below.



Finally eyeshadows. This has the sleek natural pallet, lots of korres singles and a bare minerals duo.

I recognise I have a lot of lovely stuff but I don’t feel too bad as it is all things I will use and rather than feel overwhelmed I am trying to get pleasure out of trying different looks etc.

how do you shop your stash? Do you have lots of makeup?