Operation Miranda update

I wanted to take a minute to focus and work out a little plan for the week ahead. I know from my doctors results that my liver was a little sluggish so I want to do what I can to help it. At the moment I don’t feel like I want to do the full detox but I do want to include some aspects of it in my life.

So next week I will do some switches.

Instead of coffee green tea and detox tea where possible.
Hot lemon in the morning
Rice porridge breakfast, with LSA sprinkles and banana
Two fruit snacks daily
Soup often
Salad daily
Less meat more fish, eggs and veggie foods.

Last swing I was making an effort to ensure I ate all my points as the swing before under eating made me tired. So I have taken a selection of high point foods with health benefits for these occasions. Last swing I was eating what was available but the sponge cakes weren’t making me feel the best. I am not going to do a proper detox I am just going to try to implement these changes and good habits over the next few weeks. If I want coffee I will have one.

I also want to sweat daily as this really aids detoxification and drink heaps of Water to flush the system. Plus do some daily body brushing to help detox.

Sad news my yoga class has been cancelled so I will just have to focus on body balance at home and also actually do c25k starting this afternoon.

Today I have cleaned the house, baked a gluten free banana bread and am now chilling.

How do you relax? What switcheroos help you to get long term health?