Ruthless panning

Yes I have been panning more stuff. A lot is pretty much unused but just products not suited to me or the right colour for me.



Avado sensitive facial exfoliant. I have panned two of these, both full, I got them in monthly boxes and to be honest I just don’t rate them. They don’t feel that they exfoliate, as there are only a few beads in there, the gel is refreshing but I just don’t rate it.

Organics shampoo and conditioner is a repurchase and I have got myself a new pair. Granted these may not be completely nasty free but they are better than most, a reasonable price, make my hair feel nice and that is all I need.

Rainforest rejuvenation body scrub. I flipping love this product. It is grainy, so it gives a good scrub, it leaves a coating of oil for moisture and smells delicious due to the essential oils. The downside it is expensive. I would love some more but it will be a treat item.


Another Avado scrub. Natio antioxidant lip gloss, this is a nice product but it is a bit of a frosted colour for me plus I am less into gloss at the moment. Lady lya biological eyeliner in BLUE need I say more. Adorn minerals shadow in PINK need I say more. Also are 2 reboot just bitten kissable pencils. I love these but I have quite pink lips and these two colours are paler than neutral and make me look all 60’s or foundation lips.

Korres pressed powders. Both of these were free gifts from strawberry net. I am sure they are fantastic for pressed powder fans. I just don’t need them or use them as I am bare minerals all the way.


Aveda embrightenment moisturiser. This is an old product. It’s ok. It’s not Venusian face cream which I am now nuts for. This takes a while to sink in and smells a bit herbal for me.


Skinstitut vitamin c powder


Skinstitut retinol. Both these products are far to harsh for my skin, I love the skinstitut glycolic cleanser but the full range is harsh on my skin.


Another korres pressed powder. Stila eye cream, out of date and Lancôme concealer out of date!

There you have it, pantastic!

have you been panning?



I have 2 new panning items to add to the list. Again I feel like I am moving through stuff slowly but I do feel like I am using things up, trying new things and really getting a good idea about what I do and don`t like and why. To date I have never really reviewed as such on here and I don`t really see this blog as a beauty review blog. However, in day to day life I always want things and products which work and are value so I will continue to name drop products which I am loving.

First up the panned items.



Bare minerals primer. I love this. I love all Bare minerals products and use them religiously for a base. I actually think they clear my skin whilst I have them on and hate the feel of liquid foundations on my skin now. I have replaced this with the Bare Minerals illuminating primer. I really love the illuminating primer and think I may well stick with this. At the same time I bought the illuminating mineral veil which I am less impressed with as it is just sparkly rather than illuminating. To be honest I will use this up but then revert to the regular mineral veil. I think this with the illuminating primer will really be my holy grail for glowy skin!

Also used up is the organic care moisturising shower milk. Which is nice and good value and I would have repurchased…. except I have now cracked my first Dr bronners which I got for christmas and this stuff has won my heart. Although more expensive my skin loves it, it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. I have a suspicion that only this will do now!

The above link is to asos where it is really reasonable in price. I can`t be sure yet but I think that this no nasties natural soap may make my skin feel much less dry!

Have you panned lately?

panning.. panning… panning

so another clear out of unused old products over the new year led to the binning of these….


two l`oreal hair smoothers free in a goody bad from perth fashion week. I don`t like to weigh my hair down with loads of product and prefer to product dry hair than wet so you don`t get a nasty surprise when you dry your hair and find product on it.

schwartzkopf hairspray and fructise hairspray… I rarely use hair spray but I have a moroccan oil one which i use to set straightened hair or curls. I prefer moroccan oil as it feels conditioning otherwise elnett is my go to.

Schwartzkopf serum.I am not a serum girl I would rather use a little moroccan oil.

le tan fast tan. This is a cheap mousse which was recommended to me. Its about 2 years old as I am lazy to tan. I would like to tan again but probably wouldn`t choose this product.

In Australia in general I find that there is not too much difference in price with high street brands compared to higher end brands if sourced online so I try and do that.

are you panning? Do you buy high street

Pan pan as fast as you can

When I did my inventory of makeup I realised that I had some old products. Whilst not used up they are out of date or not up to scratch so I am panning them….


Bare minerals veil.. Finished and re bought.
Bare minerals foundation in fairly light.. Finished but too pale now.
In essence lip pout.. Too chalky looking for me.
Loreal gold eyeshadow.. Nice but old now and I have others I prefer, I have bought this around three times over the last decade though.
Two Lancôme bronzers… Lovely but old now
Bourjoirs highlight… Out of date
5 x models own lip glosses… Over a year old and not a favourite.
White eye liner.. Unsure on the brand but I think white is a bit harsh and prefer an off white eye brightener.
Models own liner. I love the design with the sharpener but find it hard to apply compared to korres and Lancôme.
Napoleons perdis lipgloss. I don’t love this.
Juicy tube.. Old. I used to love these but lately have been more into stains etc than glosses.

do you pan old products? What do you do with products you don’t like?

Pan, pan , pan

Well it may be the silly season but I am still panning. All I have bought is a replacement for the scrub I used up, below, as I had no more supplies and need scrub to feel good this ine smells amazing and is around $15 and lasts for ages. So in the pan the last week….

The scrub


Bath salts


Batiste dry shampoo, I will replace this


Hemagenics iron tablets, as I am trying to get all I need from food.


More to come, I am pleased how well I am doing at using things up.

are you panning? If so link me up


I thought this post would be bigger but alas I am so near to finishing lots of products but am not quite there…

This week I finished this


I have a backup and always use this as its cheap, cheerful and readily available.

Project panning

Oh yeah, on a roll, more panning


A lovely candle, it came in my Eco box, burned well, smelled nice but I have others I need to use under the rules of this game before I get a new one.


A cult product, I always have one, rescues ,my face like no other. Since I first tried this when my mum gave me a blob to make me feel special before my sixth form ball I have loved it. It’s smells of special, feels special and really does perk your face up. I use it for special occasions, very bad face days and when I need intensive moisture after long trips out bush. I would re purchase this is a FLASH ( geddit?!?) except I cat because the rules of this game for it it.

I am enjoying the panning. Sadly my jeans are getting to big and I need to pan them out but am holding off as long as possible as I have no replacement except jeggings. Part of me does feel with the Australian summer upon us it may be wise to wait until autumn to get a new pair as they probably won’t get much use anyway!

have you been panning?

Project pan 100 update

So I have been beavering away at my stash, cleared out so I know what I have and started using things up…


Natio orange blossom body wash, is lovely I would like to have it again in a set but probably wouldn’t buy it full price on its own,


John Friedan go blonder shampoo and condition. I think this definitely brightens hair and would probably use it every few months or so.


Restoracalm a supplement to help you sleep. This works well but I have a different one I prefer and am working my way through. I definitely like to have one supplement to help calm your mind at night. Whilst I don’t take these daily I like to have them in hand for stressful times or if I haven’t slept well for a few nights as it guarantees me a good sleep.

is anyone else panning? I wish I was getting through things quicker, hopefully this will help me streamline what I really like to use

Project pan 100

So lately there has been a bit of spending in the form of new clothes, sale stuff and Christmas. All good fun but with Christmas in 5 weeks and my birthday in 12 weeks so really I need nothing. I am going to recommit to project pan 50 but make it 100.

My rules are.

No spending except for Christmas and birthday money.

You can replace any items completely used up and run out of that are necessary.

Items to include makeup, beauty stuff, clothes which have got to big plus supplements and fancy ingredients I have bought over the years and not used.

Thanks to beautifully glossy for hosting!

Who’s joining me?