Weekend of fun… parcels and winning things

Well this week has been pretty eventful and I still have another day of the weekend to go. The week has flown by my friend left on Tuesday night and then Wednesday I was back in work before a quick overnight trip to Darwin and a saturday of cleaning the house, shopping, dying my hair and supervising a nieces birthday party.. Phew I am exhausted. Needless to say extra food ( and pro points) have been consumed and a bit of alcohol with that. I am really hoping that as I have not exceeded my 49 fun points per week and kept within my limit that I will still have a loss and that it is larger than last week. Fingers crossed last weeks slow loss was due to water weight due to the totm.. We will know come Wednesday.

I have been doing pretty well with saving money and not buying too much. I did do a larger grocery shop this week to stock up on cupboard items but for the next month I will be trying to only top up the fresh produce and eat through the cupboard and freezer. Creative recipes ahoy! I am also trying to eat out less and from home more to save both pro points and money.

Hair colour, I was blond very blond possibly too blond and whilst it looked good straight after the hairdressers and freshly washed on other days it looked a bit like Britney ( on a bad day) and so I, with the help of clairol nice and easy ash brown, have joined the dark side. For those of you with absolutely no red in your hair I find this ash range to be the best and ,most wearable options. I can wear most colours from ash blond to ash brown without a prob ( but maybe a little extra bronzer).

I have also been receiving a few items in the post which I ordered a while ago with money which had built up in my pay pal account from selling items, these have included:

Artisana coconut butter sachets

Artisana raw cacao bliss

Both of these items were ordered from Iherb.com which is a great source for health items and unusual ingredients with relatively cheap shipping. As it is an american store it is often cheaper than buying items in australia even with shipping costs. As a gift for any of you reading this that fancy a shop if you use the code PEH829 and get a free $5 off your first order.. enjoy.

I also got a stippling brush from sigma which I have only used twice with a liquid foundation as I currently favour mineral powder makeup but I think the brush gives a flawless finish which is quite glowy.. perhaps a good one for evening makeup.

Another package arrived from England with a whole series of exciting goodies; a book, some cards and letters and 2 skull scarfs ( love love love skulls at the mo) plus an exciting art project to help with.

Look at the colour of the blue and orange and the small skull beads on the other.. Lushness in a scarf.

Other items received have included an ebay bargain.

Item picture

I have wanted a plain trench for a while as they are wardrobe classics I wanted a good one. This witchery number was just $30 with $10 for delivery and arrived with its labels (RRP $299) still on BARGAIN.

Also some new nail polish

 I have been seeing a bit of grey around the blog world often as part of the OPI pirates of the Caribbean set. This was a cheaper China Glaze option in pelican grey. I didn’t want an expensive one incase it made me look like a dead person but I also hate cheapo nail polish which chips quickly incase I love it.. super happy with this number. I also have seen a lot of matt nails lately and rather than re buy all my colours or even a new matt polish I got china glaze matt magic. I was a little unsure how this would be but I love it, it is just a top coat which coverts all shiny polishes to matt. BARGAIN.

With all these purchases, which I made prior to operation pan 50 I thought that I would update on the progress of this. I have used 2 products up! yipeeee

Dove body moisturiser, smells nice, sinks in well leaves your skin nice but also quite plain. I would rebuy if I needed more moisturiser but I have a whole stash to shop so will get on with that for now. It does sink in quicker than body butter though which I do like about it.

Beaubelle H20 which is a moistening gel. I do like gels, it did the job, it is all gone and although it was nice I would not go out of my way to get it again. I have too many other products to use and it doesn’t replace a moisturiser. I do like nice products but I also like a relatively quick routine and too many lotions and potions makes me uncomfortable so I would probably just stick to your standard moisturiser after cleansing and toning.

I am really happy about this using up though and I have more products about to be finished… go me. I have decided that unless a new purchase is completely necessary I am holding off for 3 months or until my credit card is cleared… or at least that’s the plan!

I did get some new items in the post which were not historical purchases and this does not breach the rule because they were a PRIZE. I have never been a winner before ( I was once told winners and weinners are only separated by and ‘e’ and sadly I seem to have had that ‘e’ most of my life as a winner I was not) but I won a facebook competition and was sent these in the post

3 lipglosses from ELF cosmetics. For you Aussies who are not onboard with ELF they are fantastic, so reasonable with great dupes for more expensive products. I recently placed my first order with them, I waited for a 50% off deal as I was unsure if I would like them, and was so happy with it. The items are really reasonably priced (most are under $10). These lip glosses are nice colours, a bit fruity/bubblegum like in flavour and quite sparkly but they are pretty and great to have in my many handbags.

You will end up seeing the elf items I love as I use them up but as a heads up the studio line is great and the bronze/blush compact is fantastic for shading, the eye liner gels in colours which are easy to apply, nicely pigmented and long lasting and the all over colour stick in persimmon a lovely sheen.. Enjoy!

Anyway I am exhausted now and have a busy day of bike riding, renovating and painting, ironing, roasting chicken and catching up with a girl friend planned so for now I will go hang with these guys

and finally finish my book

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.