Fructose free yogurt topping

One of the hardest swaps has been yogurt. Since I discovered chobani was ok for my body to digest I have been indulging and loving it. Greek yogurt fills like no other and soothes a sweet tooth. I don’t really like plain yogurt on its own so I made this topping I have with greek yogurt. It is calorie dense so you will want just a sprinkle. It’s also popular with the non fructmals in the house.


You need 2 cups in all of a selection of nuts and seeds ( I used sunflower seeds, almonds, chia seeds and linseeds). Roughly chopped.

Mix the dry mix with stevia powder ( or drops) to taste, cinnamon powder ( to taste) and vanilla essence and mix.

2 -3 tbsp coconut oil in a pan and heat. Add the mix and stir through and cook off. Alternatively you could mix the coconut oil in and put it under the grill which makes it crunchier.

I would probably sprinkle a tablespoon of this over yogurt and class that as a 5 pt breakfast or big snack, which you could bulk out with more fruit.

Do you avoid fructose?


Harissa for dinner

As you know I like to take regular meals and serve them on a salad bowl. Enter the Greek salad bowl.

Make a massive salad mine had
Cherry tomatoes
Pepper/ capsicum
Marinated feta
Roasted capsicum
Shredded chicken

For the dressing I used my new favourite sauce

4tbsp Greek yoghurt
3tsp Harissa paste
1 lime squeezed
1 tsp honey

Mix the sauce well and serve on top… This was a massive hit in my house and Harissa is the new favourite ingredient in this next of the woods!


Cherry oaties

These are a firm favourite at home and as I promised to do some baking to take to work this was my first port of call. Pretty much fodmap friendly and so very yummy here goes

125g self raising flour
125g oats
125g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
125g brown sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125g glacé cherries

In a bowl mix sifted flour ( I use gluten free), oats , glacé cherries ( I like to chop these) and bicarbonate of soda and mix. In a pan melt butter with golden syrup and sugar until dissolved and mix all through with dry mix. Put tbsp sized balls on a baking sheet and cook at 160*c for 15-20 mins and cool.

Et voila


These are pretty sweet and I think you could experiment with stevia instead of sugar and possibly coconut oil in place of butter… Go ahead play… And then send me the recipe.

Filling up the freezer…..recipe time

After my extended work time I have come home to be greeted by a rather empty freezer as the other half has systematically worked his way through all the frozen meals I had made. After a full day of rest yesterday where I stayed in bed until 10 then moved to the sofa before venturing out to meet a friend for sushi. After that I did a few jobs, paid a few bills and then went to the supermarket before making a dinner of pizza and salad and chilling. Last night was an early one and today I was in bed until mid day…MIDDAY!!! Unheard of. One breakfast in bed later and I felt ready to re stock the freezer.

The requests were for…
Shepherds pie
And a thick stew.

I thought that the shepherds pie and moussaka would be great to tackle at once… So here are the recipes.

Ground beef ( veggies could replace with lentils)
Dried mixed herbs
Olive oil
Tins chopped tomato
Tomato purée
Worcester sauce
Grated carrots
Flour (I use gluten free)
Milk ( I use lactose free)
Fresh basil
Grated cheese

First up thinly slice the Aubergine and lay out with salt over it to draw out the bitter juice. I do one side for 10-15 mins and then the other, after which you wash it to get rid of the juice.


Then in a large pan use some olive oil ( or spray oil) and add chopped onion and crushed garlic ( I used 2 onions and 2 cloves of garlic) and keep them moving so they don’t burn. Add beef and brown. At this point I add a healthy dose of dried herbs and stir. Then add two tins crushed tomatoes half of tomato purée, worcester sauce to taste and stir in the grated carrots. Let this simmer to get tasty.


Then blend the fresh basil leaves with a little water and start on the white sauce. This is standard white sauce I use butter (2tbsp) and flour (3tbs) and whisk over heat then add milk slowly and keep it moving. Slowly bring it to the boil and once it has boiled you can leave it. I let it cool a couple of minutes then whisked the basil mixture in. This made a green white sauce which tastes lush.

You can boil the Aubergine slices until they get floppy this time I have tried it without as I am planning to cook it from cold. Layer up beef, Aubergine layer, you can do white sauce at this point I tend not to, more beef, Aubergine and then white sauce on top. Before cooking add treated cheese and then bake in the oven. I will probably use 180 degrees for 30- 45 mins.

Et voila


I would eat this as a half portion with half a plate of veggies.

Shepherds pie

I used the meat mix from above and made double

Make mince mix as above. I then stirred in a good couple of handfuls of peas ( Any
excuse to add veg). Top with potatoes which have been pealed and boiled then mashed with butter and milk. Top with grated cheese et voila. Bake as above.


I hope you enjoy. The rest of my day has been washing up, searching for a mouse I heard in a cupboard… It wasn’t a mouse it was my noisy T-shirt as I was wearing this!

And chilling in the garden where I saw this


And this


My herbs are growing..

How do you restock the freezer? What have you been up to? Tell me I missed you all.

The plan, wiaw

Ok so I am off to weigh in today and whilst I am comfy with that and feel like I am pretty balanced I also feel like I want to do a bit of a cleaner few weeks and up the exercise. I want to also see how this affects my weight loss so I will tweak up my work day which I have been ramping up to over the last couple of swings.


Here is my workout plan, it has a rest day, and all classes are low intensity or just 30 minutes so I think this is quite balanced. I feel like I need to make an effort so it can become habit and I can unlearn lazy habits.

My eating when at work is fine but I would like to implement some operation Miranda tweaks so a day will be….

5am hot lemon and fruit

9am porridge or eggs

Lunch- soup and salad or salad with rice salad

Snack- fruit

Dinner- veg heavy and meat or fish or veggie option.

I am going to attempt to do as much vegan food as poss for the next week and quit the coffee and sugar for a detox. I also want to body brush each night and drink some detox tea to get my liver ship shape. The better the liver the quicker the weightloss. Plus 2l water daily.

For my next break I need more jobs to do at home so boredom eating doesn’t become a factor. I am not normally a boredom eater but I want to ensure I don’t get into bad habits so renovation is becoming a priority as is my tax return and some other jobs.

I am doing pretty well on the finance challenge, but today I did pick up some long wanted for items. I got the bare minerals mineral makeup kit and a mario badescu toner. I was pretty proud of myself as I just bought the necessities and will buy the other items once I have used up what I have. I also cleaned through my makeup set and have a few items which I don’t think work for me.

At home I have had a nice eating routine this week which I will detail in the wiaw below.

Am hot lemon
Blast- rice porridge with cinnamon And banana or gluten free banana bread, coffee

Lunch- fail safe salad- mixed leaves, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, Italian dressing, 1/3 avocado and 1/4 small piece Brie cheese or sweet potato cannellini soup

Today I have had a caramel shortbread snack (naughty but I loved it and am not sorry!)

Dinner- this has varied and I have made a proper meal each night. This weeks menus have included….grilled fish with broccoli and cauliflower mash, curry, chicken risotto tonight and our favourite recipe at the mo … See below

Taco bowls

These have become a fail safe fave meal for myself and the other half.

Fill a bowl half way with lettuce, add chopped cucumber. In a pan cook chopped onion, chopped capsicum and chopped tomatoes with a packet of taco seasoning. Once cooked stir in a tin of refried beans. Top salad with mix and add salsa, low fat sour cream, chopped avo and some treated cheese.

Voila.. Naughty but nice


I will update the weightloss page after weigh in today.

Any amazing recipes for meals or meal ideas?

PP50 update and weekends antics

Welcome to the weekend. Thank god it’s here, I have been pretty tired this week and hanging out for the weekend. In west Australia it is foundation day on monday so we get a bank holiday also.

This weekend looks to be busy. Already today I have met the girls for a walk and coffee, painted a spare room with the first coat, done laundry, got a few little jobs done and am now blogging and watching trash TV whilst the other half is watching the Aussie rules. Tonight we slap another coat of paint on before watching a film curled up and sleeping.

Also planned for the weekend is coffee at the markets, a bike ride, starting couch to 5k, painting more rooms tomorrow and then on monday I am finishing the spring clean I started last weekend. At the moment we are really on a push to try to get the renovating finished. It is a long road to getting it done and you don’t want to rush and not do it properly….. but sometimes it feels like it takes forever. I will post some photos as it is done.

Onto the project pan 50, I have used a couple of items but caved and bought one also. I was told that this is ok as it is an essential. Whilst I am happy to use what I have I do get hormonal spots each month and this cleanser had really sorted my skin so I wasn’t willing to not buy the cleanser which clears up my spots.

So I used up the conditioner that came with my hair dye, I used up my bi-facil eye makeup remover and would definitely buy this again, I also panned the pH isonex which just doesn’t work for my skin at all. It makes my skin feel stripped and dry.

This is my replacement skinstitut glycolic cleanser. This product seems to fix my spots, but because I have dry skin I cannot use this as my only cleanser as it dries me out.To try and combat this I have bought the items needed ( not sure if this counts) to make my own oil cleanser. In the theory of like dissolves like oil can be used to cleanse your skin. I feel like an oil cleanser to use at the end of the day may be soothing on my dry skin in this colder weather. I would love to make all my own skincare or use natural products it seems win win better for my face and wallet!

I have also been making soup today. Usually on a saturday I shop and get new fruit and veggies and with any left overs from the week before I make a soup which we can eat in the week orfreeze. I learned to make soup from my mum who was taught my a french chef and this is the basics.

First up in a large pan put oil and chopped onion on a low heat until they go clear. ps do you like the spatula? my house is full of union jack stuff my mum sends to remind me of my routes!

Then as I chop veg I add it in this has carrots and sweet potato and I add the stock powder or flavour ( I have used curry powder and veg stock powder) and coat all veg with it. Then I add the water (and lentils in this soup) cover and simmer until it is soft. I also added spinach leaves at the end the end and blend blend blend. Voila easy peasy and always tastes good.

What are you up to this weekend? what are your weekend habits?