The Slow cooker diaries

Dear slow cooker,

Its a long term love affair which we have had. I have infact loved this particular model since I was at uni which was 10 years ago (sob!). Until recently you had remained a little neglected in the under sink cupboard. With the birth of a small child you were brought out polished up and our friendship picked up where we left off. Infact, our friend ship has blossomed. Originally I had underestimated you. I had thought your purpose was soups, stews and casserols and whilst you remain very strong in these departments you have astounded me with your other capabilities.

In the last few months we have tried pulled pork and corned beef silverside. Today you are working your magic on a lamb roast

photo 1

Over the coming few months I have no doubt we shall adventure more. I shall endeavour to photograph and post the recipes in these slow cooker diaries so that all can develop their slow cooking friendships as we have done.


Do you use a slow cooker? what can I try?



This little piggy

Is quite frankly obsessed with bacon at the moment possibly this was started by my other half buying a pack when he came back from the UAE very unimpressed with ‘facon’ that they serve there. Although I do eat carbs a bacon sarnie is not on the agenda. Ever since I watched a program which stated that the bulk of refined carbs were made as high calorie fillers for people fighting in wars I realised that for me there is little nutritional bang for your buck. I only eat bread etc if it is whole grain or something I am going to really enjoy.

So I needed a new way to eat bacon. Bacon with more nutrition.

Taa daa the easy bacon store cupboard salad


Basically you can eat this two ways.

For either I defrost some bacon ( which I freeze in packets of 2 rashers) and fry til crispy. Whilst frying I mix salad leaves, cucumber, tomato and capsicum/pepper.

Onto the salad I put a tsp grainy mustard, a drizzle of white wine vinegar and a spoon of may and mix through. Then add the bacon.

On other days to lighten it up once the bacon is fried I add balsamic vinegar to the pan and drizzle this on the lettuce rather than the mayonnaise dressing.

I point this at 1 for each rasher and 3 for the mayo. It keeps me really full with the fat and very energised.

Oh yes that is a full salad bowl on my lap.

Oh yes I ate it all.

Oh yes it fuelled me for 4 hours 3 of which were occupied by crazy lady cleaning antics.