Hi welcome to my home… Would you like to come in?

As mentioned in other posts we are renovating, on a budget and so that it is homely but personalised. You want to see some finishing touches?


The house is 50’s style and these flying ducks fit perfectly. Real antiques cost a lot but these were sold in pairs for $12 in the target sale which is perfect as we don’t know what style any other houses will be.


This is an old picture of my grandpa I had blown up and canvas mounted. I love it. Someone actually tried to buy it from the framers without realising it was my grandpa and not a standard print. I am actually getting another made of my great grandad soon also.


Pieces of aboriginal art from the community near where I worked. A lot of people have the art but I wanted it from somewhere meaningful to us. These are from the yuendumu community in the Northern territory and by 2 sisters.


Little pieces made by my mum, they have embroidered sections too. I love the needlework circles as frames. My mum is super crafty and has a great blog with fantastic ideas http://www.giftfrippery.co.uk just click on the blog section for inspiration.


We had a nasty board on the back of the kitchen door which I painted with black board paint. The message refers to the windy era prior to the understanding of the fodmaps issue, I love it and keep it up…. Pure, unadulterated embarrassing acceptance.


Banksy prints, a little but of Bristol away from home. Plus in the corner an old filing cabinet we renovated and sprayed.


Finally the wardrobe. It was already here but I painted it blue, bought the baskets and used $2 towel rails to hang my shoes from. I don’t wear heels too often so may as well hang them to look at.

What makes your house a home? Top Reno tips?