Goals for this year… I don’t have real goals I want to just continue what I started last year.

Continue running and do a half. I have scheduled a 10km, 16km and a half for August…eeeek

Take up regular bikram or other yoga.

Get to goal weight… Woo hoo it’s insight, it’s single digits away and i would love it to happen pre wedding!

Continue saving. I have strict savings goals and have enjoyed being frugal with chosen spends.. Main indulgence this year is the wedding and holiday.

Finish renovating the house.

Once this is done focus on growing our own fruit and veg and herbs in the garden.

Move to natural cleaning products.

Try home made beauty and natural back to basic products.

Continue blogging regularly.

Continue my natural journey for food, products etc.

Marry the hunk of my dreams…. Can’t wait!

Read more… Shall we start a book club on here?

Rush around less and clean the house more!

what are your resolutions?



Yep early, I do this each year. I figure if I make my resolutions early and stick to them for a month then I don’t have any work to do come the new year so can relax and enjoy the party.

Obviously this year I do not need to resolve to loose weight or increase my exercise.

I have done well with the saving and am happy to continue on track.

I do need to hit goal and learn to maintain my weight.

I do want to resolve to clean my house better.

To run a half marathon ( city to surf I’m looking at you)

To marry the love of my life and treasure him forever.

To get back to the mat and make regular yoga practise something I do.

Which leads me to the question? How do I want this blog to be and what do I want it to capture. Obviously this was and still is a weight loss and maintenance blog but I also enjoy wellness, health, recipes, capturing my life like a journal, beauty and fashion. So I have decided to do project 365. The rules are there are no rules except over the next year I will post 365 pictures with a post about whatever I feel like. More regular posting should help me improve my blogging techniques and hopefully by putting no limits on myself the style of this blog will fall out in the wash.

What are your resolutions?

do you resolve early?