Scented candles

I love scented candles. I always used to be a fan of the cheap as cheapo ikea and Kmart varieties and have them constantly burning. Now I am a little more fussy. Here are some of my current ones with my thoughts.

Yankee candles popular the world over. I bought about four of these half price when I was pregnant with milly. I have barely used them as they make a black smoke and I just don’t like that. I also think the fragrance is slightly synthetic smelling so wouldn’t bother buying these again.

Neom organics I was lucky enough to get a travel candle for Christmas. I like these they burn nicely and smell great.

evaglo candles are insane. These soy candles smell so good it’s outrageous. As they melt you can use the liquid as a massage oil to moisturise skin! I love these so much. Expensive but locally made and to be honest at the rate I burn candles now ( not fast with small grabby hands around) I would prefer these.

I also have a engraved Jo Malone candle which is such a special wedding present as it is from someone who has since passed away. I think whilst they smell amazing until I am a millionaire I will burn this sparingly but will always replace the rose candle with the engraved top as when we do it is normally a special occasion, with a. Glass of wine, just the two of us and I know the giver of the gift would love these moments. I always think of her when we light it and remember her and I know she would fully support some down time with wine or bubbles and just enjoying being us! A memory of our wedding, us and a wonderful lady.

Finally my latest candle is a ecoya again a soy candle I was lucky enough to get this as a anniversary gift. The scent coconut and elderflower is just delicious!

What candles do you love and why?



Moroccan oil dry shampoo

Through several periods of my life dry shampoo has been key. Whether being a new mum, travelling or just a lazy student I enjoy using a dry shampoo when there is just not time for a wash and style. I also find that a quick spritz of dry shampoo can give the roots some body when hair is looking a bit flat.

I was contacted to see if I would like to try a new dry shampoo containing moroccan oil. I am a keen user of hair oils and was really interested to see how this would work. My man gripes with dry shampoo are the product which stays making hair look grey, a crispy feeling and the price point for many which don’t have these problems.

The seven wonders dry shampoo smells like some kind of argan oil, watermelon, blessed out beach holiday. It really reminds me of a small from my past but I just can’t put my finger on what. It also cleanses hair nicely and all traces of the product rub out easily leaving no grey tinge to my hair. Finally and I am not sure how this works the hair feels not only clean, and not crispy, but almost conditioned… I have no idea how this happens. I was interested if it made hair greasy as it contains oil, but it doesn’t at all!

With the product performing this well I was nervous of the price but it is available at leading pharmacies ( terry white, chemist warehouse, my chemist etc) and is just $12.95 for 150ml. I think this is so reasonable and it will be now my go to dry shampoo.

have you used this? Does it tempt you?


The tuckerbox

The tuckerbox is a food box which is delivered to your door either weekly or monthly. I used to get a fruit a veggie box from the same company over the last w years and everything was really lovely, fresh, locally produced products. The latest offering from the lettuce shop is called the tucker box and it contains fruit and veggies for the week plus milk, bread, eggs and 4 different meat packages.

This is perfect for us. It is a little too much food for one week so I get it delivered every second week and do a weekend cook up and freeze of the bits we didn’t use in the week. The staff at the lettuce shop are so helpful, they have actually subbed a few ingredients for us due to allergies etc. another note is the delivery driver is so kind he brings it right into my kitchen if my arms are full of baby. If you are not home don’t worry it is all dropped in foam Eskies so will stay cool.

With the baby this has definitely simplified my shopping needs and I can rest assured knowing it is good quality ingredients going into my body.. A non negotiable when breastfeeding!

have you used a food delivery service? Would you use one?

Skincare Routine

After a pretty long quest I finally feel like I have cracked my skincare routine and fallen into a regime with products that are really working for me.


If I have makeup on I start by removing it with Bioderma Crealine H2O solution. This has been reviewed everywhere but I love it. It doesn’t sting, it gets everything off and it is a great price for what you get. Most of my remaining products are Mario Badescu which I have found to be a brand of really good products that work at a very reasonable price. First I massage the Enzyme cleansing gel into my face when it is dry and splash it off, I then tone with glycolic toner and use the hylauronic face cream. The face cream has been a game changer for me because I do get some hormonal and digestive spots and other creams used to control this really stripped my skin. Now I am putting moisture back my skin is healing much quicker. At night I use Kosmea rosehip oil instead which I pat and massage into my face before bed. I think this is helping to fade scars from old spots.

Finally once a week, usually fly in night, I do a flower and tonic face mask which is great. I like this product as it has the unclogging clay type feel but also puts goodness back into your face and make it feel softer. I then wet a cotton ball and dip it in silver powder and smear this over my nose. Let it dry and you will see dirt being pulled out your pores. If you use a pore strip after this you will be amazed at how much extra dirt you get out your pores. Then onto tone and moisturise as normal.

have you found your perfect skincare? how do you look after your face?

It looks like a girl bomb has gone off in the lounge

haha the title of this post is what my other half said to me when I had my products sprinkled everywhere getting things ready. Rather than reviewing individual products I am going to start doing posts on my favourite face products of the moment. Normally I have two go to looks. One is more natural on the eyes and brighter lips the other is more on eyes and less on lips.

So without further ado here are the products I am currently loving.



I always do my base with bare minerals as mentioned in the previous post. I also love the sleek brow kit and also the sleek Glo HighlighterFor budget products both of these are fantastic.

For my minimal face I use a quick sweep of savvy mineral baked blusher in blossom. I find this a really great budget mineral blusher and a little goes a really long way. On my lids I dab on a little kitcream eyeshadow in pretty quickly. This was a freebie which I have found myself using more and more. A quick line with rimmel glam eyes and some Natio super long lash mascara and I am almost ready to go. A final slick of Revlon just bitten kisable balm stain in romantic.

For my other face I use two mineral shadows Shanga Camellia over the lid. I love this colour as it is a slightly peachy pale pink which I prefer to cooler pinks. I also use a smudge of Adorn mineral cosmetics eye create intensive eye in copper which has a nice warmth to it. I also use a line of korres eyeliner pencil in brown. Sometimes I line my water line with a second korres pencil in golden which I prefer to a harsh white water line. I think this is a litle softer but perks up my eyes just as well. Finally I use a little blush from kit in peachy keenand on the lips I use Korres liquid lipstick in number 13. These are weird as they look like a lip gloss but go on tacky then dry to a lipstick feel. The reason I like them so much is they last well.

How do you do your daily face? should I do more posts like this?

Review- Bare Minerals

I have probably been banging on about Bare Minerals before on here but have never really taken the time to do a proper review. A while ago my skin was terrible and I decided to try mineral makeup to help improve it. I think my change in skin care has also helped hugely and I will do a post on my skincare routine,as I love reading other peoples, and I really feel this is working for me at the moment. That said I do feel that bare minerals has really helped improve my face.

I used a starter kit originally, a fantastic way to trial the products, which costs $85. Mine was from kit cosmetics. Now I have all the full sized products but if you use the trial kit you also get the necessary brushes to apply it all properly.


I also have an Everyday Minerals brush which is really lovely. When you buy the products you are taught to apply them and there is also an instructional dvd, which I have never watched!

I used the illuminating primer all over my face. This is nice and this and gives the face a great glow. One pump is all you need for the whole face and it does make it feel nice and smooth.I then wait a couple of minutes and put on the mineral foundation in light. I tap a little into the lid, swirl my brush, tap brush to get rid of excess then buff it onto my skin. I use either my Everyday Minerals kabuki or a full face brush. If I have any blemishes I use the smaller brush (max coverage concealer) to put some extra product to hide them. I then use the face brush to apply warmth to my face. Warmth is a matt bronzer which you apply around the face line and under your cheek bones. I use the max concealer brush and the bare minerals in Bisque under my eyes to cover dark circles. Finally using the full face brush I have a quick dip, swirl and tap in the mineral veil and buff it on. At the moment I have the illuminating veil which , in my opinion, is a little too sparkly. I wanted a glow but think you get this better from the original without the sparkle.

I was worried , as I have dry skin , that I may look a bit dull or dry using a powder but I am definitely converted and feel that it gives me glow enough. A selection of faces are below.



Do you use mineral makeup? what is your favourite brand?

cco Gel nails Review

Recently after trying a friends I order this off ebay.


I opted for an LED light as I was worried about extra UV exposure after cancer scares. I love this kit and think it is the best value. It came with everything you needed except for acetone nail polish remover and alcohol to clean the nails. Both of these are available cheaply from a chemist.

I got 6 colours and some snapshots of some are below. I chose a hot pink, peachy pink and red as toe nail colours and pale pink ( which actually has a little sparkle), dark purple/red and grey for the nails. It also has a base coat and top coat.

The process is easy.

Sort nails and cuticles as you would normally. Clean nails with alcohol wipe. Buff nails. Use base coat and pop under light for 30 secs, colour coat and under the lamp for 60 seconds, repeat, then top coat and a further 60 seconds. At this point they are done but feel sticky. A quick wipe with alcohol and it should feel fine. Off you pop.

My lamp is cheaper so has a 90 second off switch but I just use my iphone timer.

To remove either soak in acetone or place cotton wool soaked in acetone over the nails and wrap in tin foil.

These nails last an easy week and I do a manual job.

Some tips for longevity include not painting right up to the cuticles as this makes a wedge of product which you are more likely to pick at and pull off. Also, don’t pull it off as it trashes your nails underneath. I like the fact it wears well, is easy to do and probably quicker than normal polish when you remove drying time. It also makes my nails feel a little stronger with the extra layers.

Here a


nails and toes



Any top tips for this? Any colours I should be adding?

Auld lang syne

I thought I would take the time to wish you all a happy new year and have a review of my year that has passed and take a small look forward.

This year has been massive for me. I feel like I started the year on a personal low in some respects. I was overweight, tired and unhealthy. This year I have lost over 22kg, got healthy, healed my tummy and exercise has become a real fixture in my world that I would miss. I also, feel that I have got myself into a much happier headspace with the help of the naturopath and lifestyle coach I am much more relaxed about life, enjoying it and achieving and also knowing what I want.

This year I took risks and tried a new job with a lot of unknown factors. It has paid off really well. I am so happy, challenged, motivated, supported and really enjoying it. I had my end of year review which went well and I am so excited about my future with this company.

This year I have learned to love exercise of all varieties and I have stopped using it as a punishment for my body, I do exercise I enjoy and I miss it when I don’t do it.

This year I have cleared out a lot of clothes as I lost weight and I am working towards replacing the essentials and having a handful of trendy/ fun items. I am trying to be functional whilst keeping fashion as something fun I enjoy. In a similar vein this year I discovered mineral makeup which revolutionised my skin. My skincare routine has been streamlined, my face base is always mineral, most of my makeup is natural but I am experimenting with different looks and products and enjoying it.

This year I discovered god knows best. I am not getting all deep and meaningful I am talking… Hair colour. I returned to my roots and found a hair dresser who would enhance my natural colour and not cover it. I have been usin YouTube tutorials to get a bit braver with hair styles and have learned to love my conical styler for beach waves.

This year I stuck to a diet, I lost weight and whilst I have more to go I am happy with my size. More importantly I found the energy and strength to stop eating fodmaps which has, no joke, been the single best decision ever. I finally feel like my body works.

This year I learned to trust the universe. I learned to listen to myself, be honest about what I want and what is Important and to trust the universe will provide the opportunities. It has blown me away how once I stopped trying to force things and lived in the moment more so many opportunities I thought were impossible have come my way. I have had a new example of this but can’t talk about it yet, needless to say the next few years could be so exciting.

I have really reviewed what I want from life and really I want another couple of years of working hard before, fingers crossed, having children. We have the next two years to get ourselves sorted but I don’t want to leave it much later. I have realised that having a family is really important to me, 32 seems like a good age to start for me!

This year my wedding has tried me and tested me and through it all there has only been one factor.. I can’t flipping wait to marry my man.. He is a legend and my absolute favourite person ever. I don’t care about the day at all.

This year I did a lot of saving and paying off. I also….started blogging and love it. Blogging definitely helps me on my journey and to focus.

So many other things will have happened but that’s my little run down.. Well done if you got this far.

I wish you all the happiness for the new year.., lets catch up tomorrow for some 2013 goals!

Native box review


I was all set for this to be my last native box as $20 is a lot each month and then it arrived. This month contained….

Photo care omega 3 oil i am going to use this in the new year with my january get fit plan.
Hand made goat milk soap, which I will use but I don’t love soap bars.
Adorn mineral eyeshadow this is in a purple colour and lovely, the is also a voucher for $15 to spend at adorn. I haven’t used this as I am on project pan 100 but the eyeshadow, switched lightly below, is beautiful.


Ajitas vege chips, gingerbread folk gluten free dairy free ginger bread man, Aussie health snax chia bar… All of which are in the snack cupboard for a rainy day.

More life spirulina tablets which I will take in January with my healthy plan. Adore green tea sachet, again I will try this in the new year.

Vanilla body butter sachet and pure papaya ointment sachet. Honestly I don’t love sachets but have out these away for overnight stays.

Plus free recycled envelopes.

As I said before I am Impressed and whilst $20 is a lot the value is so much higher and it’s a good way to try new health products. I think I will keep this subscription up.

are you a native box subscriber? Do you find them value?

Native box

Twitter has opened up a bit if a new world to me and one of my new find was native box. I had always said with all these beauty boxes around I would love one to try healthy organic items. Honestly before I successfully lost weight I was always looking for the next miracle cure to turn me into Miranda Kerr. Often these items were expensive, often had strange tastes due to healthy ingredients and often didn’t agree with my stomach. The native box has Eco products which are natural and Eco friendly. So this months box contained all these goodies.


There was all of this included


So far we have eaten the chocolate macadamia nuts, cobs popcorn, Thomas chip an chips and used the pen. These snacks got us through the hangover that destroyed yesterday and all of it was lovely. Today I am planning to have some vitamin c powder and use the detox patches.

All in all I think this is a great idea. $20 per month is quite a bit but it does give a good selection of foods to try ( and other beauty bits). If you consider what these would be for full packets and that you may not like them all it could save you in the long run and will definitely save on cupboard space! Lots of the products are gluten free, dairy free and cater for allergic people like myself which is also a bonus as often these products are not that tasty and you have to try a lot, and spend a lot, to find ones you like… No more this box delivers them to your doorstep!

native box? Are you in or out?