26 pro points

Just a quick post. I am on 26 pro points per day now and I am slightly less motivated, as you may have noticed, and indulging in more treats. On the upside I have balanced this so I haven’t got ill and I haven’t gained weight. On the downside I have only lost 2 kg since November. I have definitely noticed a continued decrease in fat and increased muscle tone and I fit a size 10 in jeans now buuuut I am still right at the top of the healthy range and I wanted to be sat comfortably mid range so I had wriggle room.

With only 16 weeks until the wedding I feel a gentle detox involving the weight watchers filling and healthy plan, whilst still counting points, which comprises whole grains, lean protein, veggies and fruit will allow my body a break. I know our bodies cleanse themselves but a helping hand never hurt anyone!

Wish me luck, lets see I I can shift the final few kgs. If not no stress but I can then confidently say this is meant to be my weight.

anyone else plateau at the end of loosing? Anyone else’s goal weight end up being not exactly what you thought it would be?


Weight watchers over the silly season

I know many people give up diets over Christmas, I fact many eat loads just to start again in January. I know this because I did this… For many years. This year I did not. I was really unsure how I would go with staying within points but decided to give it a bash anyway. My pan for Christmas was to have designated drinking and indulgent days and to try and eat normally around that.

Prior to Christmas I did a big shop, as do most people, but my shop was for heaps for fresh fruit and veg, lactose free milk and my extra treats were gluten free, dairy free minced pies and lactose free cream. I decided that I wanted healthy food to eat around the treats and so those options were easily available. So far I have eaten 1 minced pie and frozen the rest and used none of the cream.

Each day I have had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Over Christmas I have had 2 weddings, 2 family Christmas days and other celebrations. Each occasion I had 2-3 drinks over the course of a day. I ate a fodmap free version of the dinner. I ensured I had a good breakfast first so I didn’t arrive starving, I had a healthy lunch and then off I went. Over Christmas I didn’t have many treat snacks, except a little chocolate, as I saved my points for these days. I also tried to exercise to buffer any extra eating. I stayed within my points and I think I lost.. Over Christmas… Unheard of.

So as help to you and a reminder to myself for years to come my tactics are….

Planned days for blow outs.
Healthy eating around these occasions and a well stocked fridge to allow this.
A blow out beng the one meal concerned and not writing off the whole day.
Fodmap free at these meals.
Exercise to buffer points

In these so called blow out meals, they really weren’t that bad. I ate, ate slowly and stopped when I was full. So I didn’t eat more than normal just more indulgently than normal. I also found my body regulated itself.

Case in point… The biggest meal of the season was a wedding… I had prawns and salsa to start ( about 4-6 pp), grilled barramundi, mash and salad for mains (8-10pp) and plain pavlova for dinner as I couldn’t eat the topping (4pp) lets say that’s 20 pp and I had an 8 pp breakfast ( which I did, coffee, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and a piece of bacon) that’s 28 pp. 1 pp over. The meal was at lunch and I found I was not hungry for dinner.

Another wedding On an evening. That day I had…

2 pieces toast and jam and coffee 8 pp
Chobani snack 3 pp
Bacon salad (7 pp)

Which left me 9 pp..

I had 3 wines or spritzers (15pp)
Chicken starter (4 pp)
Roast chicken mains (8pp)

A total of 18 pp over. That night I played 3 hours of lawn bowls and in the morning I had swum (12pp exercise) so I only used 6 of my weekly points… And let’s face it this is what the weeklies are for.

My approach was each occasion at a time, each day and a time and each week at a time. Although I did try to save weekly points for the designated occasions no other planning tha listening to my body was needed.

I am delighted with this as it shows me I really have learned.

how did you go with diet this Christmas? Any tips?

How weight watchers works for me

Over the last few weeks I have discovered how the weight watchers plan works for me.

If I eat my daily points and up to half weekly points I loose quickly.

If I eat daily and all weekly but not exercise I loose steadily.

If I eat all my daily, weekly and earned exercise I maintain or loose un noticably!

I loose more the 2 weeks after my period.

I feel better eating points regularly spaced through the day.

Use your daily points for healthy, nutritious points, and save the weekly for unhealthy. This makes 80:20.

I feel better and loose more when my points are spent on whole grains, lean protein, veg and limited fruit.

Less free fruit equals faster loss.

Diet drinks sabotage only water is best.

Plan a treat if you try it and aren’t keen don’t finish it.

Hunger regulates itself to keep you in points.

Loosing weight and maintaining are very different.

Fodmaps make me sick and bloated.

Food is fuel and enjoyment get a balance it’s no fun feeling sick!

Taste buds change with time!

This is what I have learned so far what have you learned?