Healthy sugar habits- operation health kick 2015

Operation health kick 2015

As you may or may not know 2015 is about me reclaiming my body for myself. This year is going to hopefully be my ‘gap year’ between babies. As such I really want to get in the best shape possible. A few years ago prior to my first pregnancy I lost around 25kg. I lost it using weight watchers in the end as I just couldn’t face not having my treats.

This is the story of my life. I would say I am passionate about health and eating well, and exercise nowadays, but I would say that after each meal and in the evening I get really strong cravings for sweet food. I HATE this it really annoys me and I wish it would go. I saw a dietician and it does improve when I eat ,more carbs and fat and eat regularly but I hate having to eat when I am not hungry just to avoid reaching the biscuit tin!

Earlier this month Laura from healthy sugar habits offered for me to take part in her mentor me off sugar program. Naturally I jumped at the chance. A chance to take 6 weeks, with support, and to finish it with my sweet tooth in check- perfect. I read more on her website and I am excited. It’s just the kind of moderate program I like, no long term restrictions of food groups just a more considered approach to sugar.

My goals are to be able to breeze through days without sugar cravings. To enjoy some fruit but not need it all the time and to be able to have a few small treats on occasion and then put them back in the box with ease. Ultimately I would love to not need snacks between meals and to drop my final baby weight. I am happy to keep snacks whilst I am breastfeeding still but once I am finished I would love to just want three meals a day.

Have you done a sugar detox? Would you?


My New Approach #Firstworldproblems

Hello folks, its been a long time hasn’t it? To be honest I really haven`t wanted to blog for a while, As I mentioned in a previous post I have been feeling quite flat and so I have been doing some soul searching.

Historically when I felt like this I would have run off at the deep end and tried to change everything and set myself ridiculous goals that I would never be able to keep. This time I have tried to resist. I have been open about how I have felt, honest to myself about it and chatted a lot about it.. Thanks for listening mumma!

Once again the universe has provided and I have a few ideas and answers. I went to weigh in at the nurses office after a few weeks of eating most of my points but exercising lots and I had only maintained. Obviously I wasn`t delighted I have maintained for about 2 months now. I made some kind of grumbly comment and the nurse asked me to sit down, she is a friend also, and have a chat. She asked a few simple questions and essentially realised that whilst I had made some great positive changes to my life all the crazy pressure I put on myself was still there in some ways. Weightloss had become a favourite of mine because it was measurable in numbers. I think often people talk about being hung up on the numbers and whilst I hadn`t really realised it the bigger the amount lost, the bigger my buzz, and my goal weight which was a nominal number from the middle of my healthy range, had become a focal point for me.

She also asked if I ever looked in the mirror and to be honest I barely recognise myself nowadays. I look at my head when I do my makeup and I check my clothes but I don’t really link it to that being me. I had also spent so many years unhappy with the way I look and developing techniques to cope such as being the best at work, more bubbly, better at this and that so that being really unhappy with the way I looked seemed less important each day. In order to loose weight I had to acknowledge that It wasn’t just about how I looked, but that it was also related to my health, and make it a priority, It is pretty hard to change habits learned over about 10 years.

Anyway, after this chat a few things fell out of the conversation. Firstly I may not have much more to loose, I am currently fitting size 10 and I am fairly tall, 5`7 ish. Randomly I have actually got taller as I have lost weight. Secondly it may be a stall and a detox is a fab way to boost that. Over christmas and until this weekend there have been a few extra treats so over the next month I am doing my own version of the the ultimate liver detox by Dr Sandra Cabot. This was recommended to me by both the naturopath and also the nurse. I have done this before it is a very effective detox, for me, and not too hard. I will post some details of this, my version of it, and a review at the end. Thirdly whilst I have maintained I have been working out and may well have lost fat but built muscle so am toning up all the time, and my body has shown changes to this effect.

Finally she suggested some Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions. These are a cross between counciling and massage and it helps you to move forward and forget the past. I am hoping it can help me to get used to not having massive goals, as I am nearly there with them, but to just concentrate on being happy and maintaining. This is in more senses than just weightloss for me. I am also hoping it will help to lay my old learned negative habits to bed.

Have you ever had this kind of problem? Ever heard of EFT? Ever used it? Advice please….

What`s occuring?

Well Hi folks.

This is my second attempt at the blog post. I put up the first one and took it down within an hour as I felt like a spoiled brat… very first world problems. However, this is a small problem which I am facing and however minor it may be it is affecting my life at the moment. I have always been honest on here and I am sure this must be a natural part of the weight loss program.

Basically, I have spent years being not that happy with myself. Striving for more in terms of weight loss, personal development and fitness, work based goals, savings goals etc. As you may have noticed on here I am a list based person that loves goals. I also never stop to enjoy it once I am there. I just move onto the next thing.

In january I made a series of resolutions. I have not really stuck to them. I tried a low carb diet, TWICE, because everyone else was and I felt like I should. Thinking I am not good enough and making plans or resolutions to start again is a long learned habit. For over 10 years I have been doing that. Whilst I would never say I was deeply unhappy I was never 100% happy.

Right now I am happy. I have lost 23kg and have about 8 to go to get to my named goal. To be honest people have said I am getting quite small now and maybe that will be too much. I am fitter than I have ever been. All of these changes have happened, whilst organically, over 12 months.

12 months is not a long time when you consider 10 years of planning. I don`t always recognise myself. I only read plus size fashion blogs as that is where I feel comfortable. I spent lots in the sale at asos on clothes in size 12. I thought only a few generous ones would fit and I would send the rest back. They all fit, or were a bit loose, and I kept them all. I felt sooo guilty. It has been ages since I spent on clothes, clothes which I didn`t really need I just liked.

I have had so many plans about what I would buy at goal, so many thing I put off until i was at goal and now I am close I feel really uncomfy.

Right now, I want to be with the girls at work on low carb diets, trying and failing to stick to them.I am almost jealous as it is a comfort… what I have always done. You may have noticed I have been absent from blogging a bit lately. I have just been trying to work out how I am feeling. I tried to join in and it just made me feel sick as I like eating whole food when I am hungry and stopping when I am full.

I finally have some free time on my hands and I feel guilty. I have always been a worker, always had a to do list as long as my arm and not having this bothers me. I have never had such a balanced work life profile and I know I should learn to enjoy it.

I think for now I need to scrap my resolutions. I need to make good decisions one at a time. I am keeping on counting points and trying to be healthy and low fodmap. I am exercising most days. I am chipping away at the house and I am taking time out to enjoy life. Each time I feel guilty or try and make resolutions I take a time out and pep talk myself. I feel that I am at a bit of a fragile point where I can remain positive or could slip back into old habits easily.

My weight is easily maintained,it seems, and doesn’t require me to do things I don’t enjoy. I actually don’t want to be the healthiest person on the planet I am happy living moderately. I am in a funny spot as I don’t want to drop the ball and go back to old habits but I don’t necessarily want to make more changes. I want to keep doing what I am doing… this is unchartered territory for me. What I do want to do is to make new habits which involve not waiting for life to start when I am thinner but realising I am thinner and I need to really live each day.

Apparently I know how to be bigger, I know how to loose weight but I have forgotten how to just be. That is what I am going to try and work on. So tomorrow I am doing Bikram with a friend, a couple of jobs and spending the day at the beach with a girl friend… eeep. Not staying in avoiding indulging. Indulging a little if I want to. Not feeling guilty just enjoying myself.

I will never be the thinnest, fittest or most fashionable person. As I approach 30 I am happy with who I am, obviously I am not perfect, but I am ok with being me.

From now on this blog is no longer weightloss focussed. If I loose a little more fabulous but otherwise no matter. This blog is about health, especially fodmaps, and my adventures in living life to the fullest.

Have you ever reached this point? had similar feelings? how do you deal with this?I would love some advice/ reassurance/ input

Using what my mama gave me

With my weightloss has come a realisation that however many kg’s I lose my body shape remains in roughly the same proportions.


This is a quick nap which shows my shape at the moment and although it is an ever evolving piece of work it is what it is. I am 5’5 ish, have a size 12 top with inbetweeny boobies (12c or 32-34c), my waist goes in but is by no means tiny, I have a definite booty and hips ( from a front view, sideways my butt is a little flat) and I wouldn’t say I am hippy as such I just have quite chunky legs all the way down and there is more than a whiff of the candle about me. That said I am pretty happy with it.

A couple of years ago, as we watched the sunset over the sea in Bali after one too many kir royals, my bestie and I had a chat about clothes after a certain age. My friend and I are polar opposites in personality, body shape, colouring and everything and we were discussing that under the age of 18 for her and 20 for me everything looks good on you. You know the boundary the before is the phase when you are still in your child skinny frame and straight up and down but you have just started getting lady lumps without the associated wobble. At the point we found pretty much all clothes looked quite good, they didn’t have to be cut that well and I was a fashion and clothes MONSTER! On the flip side of this boundary is a woman’s body, complete with lumps and bumps, really good bits and really not so good bits. So clothes either look FANTASTIC ( highlight the good Houdini the bad) or MINGING and do the polar opposite.

So, I now know roughly what my body looks like, that I need clothes that work for me and that I want to look the best version of me possible. Which is what this blog is all about and for me that involves being balanced, healthy, happy, toned, well kept with body and skin care and with clothes that work for me and my shape. In my leisurely mornings I have been having a coffee and watching some trinny and susannah what not to wear and I got a bit interested.

I googled, as you do, and found this quiz


I stood in my undies, how rude!,and made my other half objectively do the quiz and we both decided I was a SKITTLE.

Here is what I should wear

Sadly I do wear cropped and tight trousers, but they have to be cropped at a certain length or I do look shocking. I am trying to embrace some more details on the shoulders and I will adventure to cropped jumpers at some point!

what shape are you? Do you dress for it?

What am I eating

Its been a while since we caught up over food…I am now on 28 points per day. As always I have a work diet and home diet….

At work I eat…..

5 am 2 eggs plus grilled tomato and piece of bacon or hash browns (5-7 pts) I try to limit bacon or hash browns to once a week

9am fruit and cappuccino ( 2pts)

lunch-salad and protein\, salad and rice salad, barley wraps with salad and ham, or rice and curry ( normally around 8 pts)

4pm- rice crackers (20) or handful of almonds and piece of friut (3-4 pts)

Dinner- roast meat or grilled fish and veg. (6-8 pts)

Snack- sometimes jelly or a couple of squares of dark choc with sea salt (3 pts).

At home I have a more varied diet… typically comprising

9am-coffee, spelt toast and jam ( 8pts) or poached egg and ham on 1 piece spelt bread with cofffee (8 pts)

Lunch- sushi (6pts) or soup (6 points?) or salad with avo, cheese or chicken, home made dressing (6-8 pts)

afternoon- 2 squares dark choc (3 pts) or fresh fruit

dinner- varies from meat or fish and salad and veg ( 8pts), gluten free pasta and veg with home made pesto ( 8 pts)


So as you can see it still remains quite even eating and quite healthy. I am careful when I am going out as lowfodmap food can be a challenge and I still point everything. Historically I would have eaten less/ avoided food the day so I could eat more. No more my friends my best diet tactic is to eat as per normal so you arent ravenous. Choose what you want to have. Enjoy it. Stop when you are full. For me I need a full side plate or a not full dinner plate to feel full. This is NOT going to change because I am in a restaurant. I dont need a starter and dessert. I may like dessert…perhaps I should share??? Infact I always do. Ask for half the meal packaged to take away before you even start. Divide the food on your plate (subtly) and eyeball what you are going to eat. Then eat that ONLY THAT. These are tricks I have learned without even realising it. The weight watchers 49 weekly points never changes, there is always points for a more indulgent meal, there is not points for an enourmous indulgent meal… every night!

That is the beauty of it balance.

Another thing I noticed after our BBQ we have left overs. We have left over pavlova. I can eat pavlova it is fodmap friendly. Also, relatively low in points as we didnt have cream on it. I had a small slice that night. I am not going to lie, when hungover, a bacon and egg sandwich followed a few hours later by a second breakfast of pavlova is the stuff champions are raised on. That was it. I ate it, loved it, enjoyed it and got over it. I gave the rest away and now look forward to enjoying the next pavolva occasion.

Weight watchers has points there for blow outs. There are plenty of points for drinks, there are plenty of points for meals, there are plenty of points for hangover junk food. There is no room for excessive amounts of all three. I am learning. If you know there is a big one coming up dont have treats that week. Save those weekly points. Have a low point drink ( vodka soda is 3 pts and fodmap friendly) I am a 3 drink kind of girl. Dont go starving either eat a balanced meal first or have a snack so you avoid the crisps and just enjoy the meal. The next morning have a good,healthy good breakfast…. then get back to it. Done and Done. I realise this is easier said than done. Be honest with yourself.. what is your priority?? mine is chocolate over alcohol. Make your choices, designated drivers eat more cookies, and stick to it.

What are your tips???

Bikini babe?..

I did it, I wore a bikini. Bikini it’s been a while since we last met. It wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t 100% happy… And so I launch operation bikini body a 6 week pre Christmas bikini boost.

As I have discovered limiting myself doesn’t work, to strict a diet doesn’t work and I am already restricted by fodmaps…

So here is what I will do.

Start each day with a hot lemon, or hot peppermint tea at work.
Body brush each morning
Moisturise each night
Eat at least 5 veggie portions and 2 fruit portions daily
Exercise at least 6 days a week, even if its just a walk.
Start the gradual tan
Do a hair treatment and face,ask once a week.

What else do you do to get bikini ready?..


Yep I am totally hungover on the couch watching come dine with me catch up… But the reason for this quick post is to say that although I ate many points ( which I had reserved for this occasion) I also stayed fodmap free…

Last night I had

1 gluten free sausage
1 spare rib
Home made potato salad and coleslaw
Mixed salad

A slice of pavlova with no cream

Plus 3 vodka lemon limes and a rum shot.

I was well fed, I was happy, I was tipsy and laughing with friends.

Today I am tired and a little precious but I feel pretty good a there has not been an upset tummy in site! With a little planning I can indulge without getting sick… Chuffed does not even describe it.

I don’t drink very often but next time I will switch to vodka, soda water and a squeeze of fresh lemon to be more points friendly and less sugar heavy!

Anyway, back to come dine with me… Where do they get these people???

Exercise lately

In some ways whoops… I have not run in about 3 weeks! In others to quote these Aussies. no worries mate I ran a little the first week my mum was here, in Ali I walked a few hours daily and swam daily, I also did a 6km walk round the river each weekend. Last week it was wet at work, I did a lot of running around, zero running and 1 walk… But you know what? My appetite regulated to less and I missed it… This weekend I am easing back in. Today I want to swim and do a big dog walk, tomorrow a 20-30km cycle and Sunday a 10km walk, Monday ack to a 3-4km run… I will walk and run the following week to ease back up to where I was at and then continue onwards and upwards.

Honestly I think these little diet and exercise holidays are the best thing. The reassure me I have made proper changes and that I am enjoying what I do!

how do you get back in your groove?

Six in six

Although I am making good progress with the weight loss I feel like I need an extra push… In 6 weeks my mum comes for a visit. Can I lose 6kg in 6 weeks before her visit? Here’s hoping.. I am on a mission!

Do you do mini challenges within a bigger plan? Have you lost 6 in 6 ? Inspire me.