Downward Dawg- this weeks wrapup

Well after starting this blog I then went MIA, thank you very much iinet! Actually iinet are normally fab it was just an unlucky week. This week has been pretty busy and full on overall. Last weekend I was sick as you like with some kind of flu and migraine combo and I spend the whole weekend under a duvet/doona on the couch, drugged up on mersyndol and asleep. This week I am pleased to say I am feeling a lot better.

So this week I have done about three goddess yoga sessions in which we have been working hard on our downward facing dog pose. This pose is so hard for me but I was advised that we practise our breathing and then deep breathe in that pose which tells our body that it is ok and not a nasty one and gradually we learn to love it. I haven’t seen that yet but am looking forward to the day my heels hit the floor.

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I have worked all week which has been as per normal but after work is when the fun happens. Last friday was wine and pizza with a friend after work and a good old girlie gossip.. LOVE IT! Tonight is much the same after work wines and meal, but the difference tonight is I am counting pro points. Yes my friends I have joined the world of weight watchers. Fingers crossed that after a decade of struggle with foods being labelled as good and bad, countless intolerance and diagnoses and feeling bad about food a heap of the times because prescribed diets ( by others and myself) which were so restrictive you could never stick to them I have flicked the bird at feeling bad about myself and am joining the masses.

Weight watchers has changed in recent years with a focus on health foods and not processed food so it fits well with me. You get a certain number of daily points and then a weekly allowance for treats. You are encouraged not to get in the habit of using all treat points for the sake of it. You can also earn activity points for exercise but again are encouraged not to worry about using them all so it doesn’t become a binge/exercise type cycle. It all sounds a bit sensible for me, who has relished being part of the glamorous group of people who every Monday is starting whichever new fad diet is en vogue for that week over last decade, but if sensible equals happy and healthy maybe this is the new black.

Each Wednesday I will be joining the what I ate wednesday party to detail an idea of what you can eat and I will also pop a weight loss tab on the blog to record my losses each week after the weight watchers group. I definitely do not want to become a food bore but lets face it looking the best you can involves being at your happy weight. I have decided to set up some rewards for myself to which will involve… you guessed it TIFFANY! When you reach your goal weight watchers gives you a little key.. the key to freedom from your weight problem. I do not want to stroll around with a weight watchers key around my neck but could definitely be persuaded to do most things for this.. so losing the kilos shouldn’t be a problem… right?????

Is there anyone else out there who does WW? Did it work for you?