Well it is my last day at the current job and on monday I start at the new one. This current job has been a lot more office based with trips to the field and other places. As I have mentioned previously the next job is fly in fly out to the mine site and so I shall wear a uniform all day at work. This means there is no need for a work day wardrobe. I do intent to return to office based work at some point in the future and so wanted to put a post together on my standard work outfits. I have included 3 daily outfits ( obviously not exactly my clothes) but I tend to put outfits together along these lines.



Low jeans
€45 –

Charlotte Olympia cat flat
$595 –

Givenchy grey leather handbag
$1,935 –


Sleeveless top
$32 –

Acne low rise jeans

£150 –

Rekavago high heel pumps

€239 –

Tote bag

$29 –

Michael Kors leather wrap bracelet

$95 –


Printed t shirt

€20 –

Black blazer

£18 –

Dsquared slim jeans

£219 –

Stiletto heels

£45 –

Cleobella leather handbag

$328 –

My job is quite casual but at the same time it is still an office and still work. The men wear work trousers and shirts but no ties type arrangement. I wear jeans most days dressed up with a nice blouse/shirt or t-shirt and blazer combo. I find these staples wear well over time and are easily updated with a few new purchases of the cheaper items each season. Fingers crossed the next time I work in an office my current wardrobe will no longer fit so I can use this post as reference to what I actually will wear and not waste money on dresses and skirts that I just don’t choose on a daily basis.


What do you wear to work? how do you make your working wardrobe work?