A brilliant day and exciting news

Well hey, I have had a fantastic saturday… Want to hear about it?

Yesterday started with a hot lemon ( one tick for the switcheroo plan) followed by a recipe from the river cottage which was a boiled egg ( still runny) knock the top off add a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar, a little knob of butter and serve with asparagus spears… DIY hollandaise. Love it. I also had some amazing new Greek yogurt that I have found here. I have been on a long search for something more like FAGE in the uk with no avail, but love Greek yog as it fills me up for longer and has less lactose so is fodmaps friendly.

Then we went to the shops for some retail therapy and a coffee. As a great the other half bought me a lovely blusher which the people at the bodyshop had used on me in a makeover the other week. I cannot recommend these baked blushes enough, I have 02 coral and it really warms up my complexion.

I also got the magazine with the makeup set from yesterday in the coral colour way, I tested the mascara and it’s awesome so well worth $12. Now to the exciting stuff……

As I have blogged about the other half and I are trying to tighten our belts a little, be sensible with day to day money and save for special occasions. With the new job we both get fully comprehensive health insurance which frees up over $100 per month. Yes we could spend this on the house or something else but I fell pretty content and that I have a lot. I also feel really lucky to have been born into a country where I had the chance for a bright future. So on our 1 year anniversary of being engaged…. We got a child… A world vision sponsor child. Want to meet him?

go a child….


I am so happy, today I start writing a letter to hi. To say how delighted we are. The lady was great and told us he had been up for sponsorship for a while as people kept choosing the younger kiddies. We chose him from a pile she made of children which had been waiting a long time and overlooked a lot. As I said I want to send a letter to tell him just how happy we are about this. I would also like to point out that to sponsor this child and massively affect his future costs less that 1 coffee a day, in fact you could have 3 for a daily take away coffee and if that’s not an excuse to detox I just don’t know what is! I have now met two people who ave met grown men who were sponsor children and both have gone on to lead fabulous lives, so it really isn’t a waste.

Now for a shift in gear, we went to the travel agent to work out the wedding plans.


So next June we travel to Vegas, spend 4 or 5 days there getting married and having fun, we will then fly to Florida and go on a 7 day cruise round the Caribbean and Mexico before coming to england for 2 or 3 weeks. I am so excited, we just need to wait an the travel agent will call us when the sales are on to book the flight etc. A quick sushi train stop for lunch and we continued on.

After all this excitement we went and got new fish or the tank, after my nightmare overfeeding Incident the other week. The afternoon was spent at home drinking green tea watching Gavin and Stacey before we had a lovely curry night at a friends with a few white wines.

Today, I have started the day with hot lemon, rice porridge, banana and honey ( switcheroo day two). I am now off to make veggie soup, clean the house abut and have a long dog walk followed by a pamper session.

What are you up to? Do you have a sponsor child? Would you consider it?