Weight loss tracker

02.05.2012 started

08.05.2012 -2.5kg

16.05.2012 -0.1kg (-2.6kg)

23.05.2012 -0.6kg (-3.2kg)

30.05.2012 – 0.8kg (-4kg)

06.06.2012 -1.3kg (-5.3kg)

28.06.2012 -1.1kg (-6.4kg)

11.07.2012 -1.3kg (-8.2kg) note I think I have done some weeklys wrong but the total is def 8.2 kg lost!

16.08.2012-12kg ( weighed on work scales as havent been able to go to a meeting for weeks due to a crazy roster.. fingers crossed it is right)

26.08.2012- 13kg lost!

25.09.2012 – 14kg lost ( after a 1 week diet break)

10.10.2012 -15.5 kg

17.11.2012 – 19kg

24.11.2012 – 19.5kg

11.12.2012 -21kg

I am starting the tracker again to track my post pregnancy loss!

12.08.14 starting again!


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