The Bucket List

Here is my bucket list of thing that I would like to do, I would say by 30 but at only 9 months away that has crept up on me sooner than I would like to admit.

  • Pay off my student loan ( aim by end of 2012)
  • Book and pay for wedding and honeymoon ( end of 2012)
  • Pay off car loan ( end of 2012)
  • Run a half ( possibly August 2012 if I can get off the sofa and start to train)
  • Do a juice fast/ detox for 1 week and see how I feel
  • Loose the weight -I don’t really want to bore you with what I weigh, but lets just say this may be a work in progress the figure to lose is double figures and my goal weight is around 65kg’s I think.( Ideally by wedding in June 2013)
  • Find my exercise the one I enjoy and look forward to
  • Learn to silversmith
  • Learn to make and ice those fancy cupcakes… I always love them and have a cake stand bought for me as an engagement gift that I want to use.
  • Find my ideal skin care it is unacceptable to get spots when you are nearly 30 FACT!!!
  • Travel to south america
  • Complete a second masters or a phd
  • Rennovate my current house
  • Save a deposit for a larger family friendly house
  • Marry the love of my life
  • Have his babies!

I need to update this bucket list as I have Infact achieved nearly all of this with the exception of the juice fast and the half marathon.

Updates goals as of August 2014

Learn to make silver jewellery
Run a half marathon in 2015
Do that blooming juice fast once I have finished breastfeeding
Travel to – South America, morocco, Italy, Ireland and Iceland to see the northern lights!
Loose the baby weight!
Find the perfect balance of work and family
Do a phd


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