What am I?

I keep writing these posts which have absolutely no photo and often no real purpose except to empty my brain!

This week I have been In sleep school, more about this at another date, and one of the things which it really addressed was my thoughts about me. I had meetings with councillors and social workers as part of this week. Prior to this week I would have said I was fine with life. The thing is I am not quite fine. For many years I was a geologist, then I was pregnant, then I was on maternity leave with a small child who needed me 24/7. This week I have realised she doesn’t need me to this extent. She is ready for time away and she needs this to build her bonds with other people.

For me this is daunting, not because of missing her, but because I am currently nothing. I still know as much as a geologist who is employed but I am not one. I am also not pregnant, nor do I have a baby who needs me 24/7. I am in limbo and I find this hard! On one hand I really want to try my new business idea, on the other I am not ready to give up my career. Right now, though, there is literally no work for geologists.

I know I am more fortunate than most because I can have longer with my girl. Even though she doesn’t need me we enjoy these days. I am also lucky because my husband supports me in making options for myself. There is no real conclusion to this post except to say I need some extra purpose. I love being a mum but I am uneasy with being only a mum, once those intensive first months have passed. I wouldn’t want to work full time but once or twice a week it would be lovely.

when did you feel ready to work? Do you need to work for your sense of self?



Lately I have been reading a lot of minimalist blogs. A lot of the ethos behind this really appeals to me. I often find blogs are so filled with consumerism. There is a massive hype around the latest product, a lot of which numerous big bloggers have been paid to endorse. Whilst I have no issue with people making money from blogging, I prefer to take my views from smaller, less commercial blogs, which may not be as attractive or professional, but are real.

Some of the minimalist blogs I have been loving include Light by coco, Becoming Minimalist, minimalist baker and blonde on a budget. These blogs are all about simpler living, quality over quantity, products which do the job, easy, clean ways of life filled with experiences over items and I love it. In the past I have been really interested in the minimalist lifestyle. A lot of it suits me and I have written about it before on this blog

I am involved in Project 50 Pan and doing pretty well. This year I am buying nothing unless I have absolutely none of this product left to use up! I actually cant see me needing anything. The only concession to this, as I don’t want to get too extreme is that I am having a monthly look fantastic beauty box. For me part of minimalism is trying things to find what really works and using that. So with my products I am also going to do a big sort out and get rid of items which just don’t work for me.

My wardrobe is looking fairly sharp, or at least I think so. I am getting pretty good and not buying unnecessary items. The only thing I can even think I need is a new pair of running crops. Lululemon I am coming atcha. With my wardrobe I am aiming for quality over quantity and have been for a fair while. As a result, I think, I have a really nice wardrobe I just need to tone up and fit it all. The exception to this is pregnancy clothes, breastfeeding clothes and clothes for when I am not quite back at goal…. in these instances cheap and cheerful fits the bill.

Minimalist food. I am counting weight watchers points again to try and shift the last of this baby weight but at the crux of any plan is clean eating. This does not need to be fancy it can , infact, be quite minimalist. Salads, soups, meat and veg, fish and veg, basic smoothies, porridge so many easy meals made from basic ingredients. I love this idea. Strip it back and eat basic, have a treat  occasionally and keep the diet simple.

Minimalist exercise. As a mum I am getting into this. Not minimal exercise but no fuss exercise which I do from home. What works for me is walking/jogging a few times a week and toning 2-3 times. I do exercise videos, get outside and use youtube. Its simple and it works.

A minimalist home. Recently we looked at a bigger house, we have looked at renovating our house and I think we have decided to stick with what we have. What do we have? A slightly small house, with a relatively small mortgage in a fantastic suburb. We also have a low maintenance house which could be rented at the drop of a hat allowing us to travel. So for now my challenge is ensuring we have no clutter. There just isn’t room. I think I can do some more clearing out but am not taking it extreme I am just keeping things we either use or love and that’s it. I have also loaned all Milly’s baby stuff to friends who are expecting and they will just give it back for us to use if we are lucky enough to have another baby. After which we will sell it.

This next year is going to be a busy one for us so any tips to keep it easy are great, also  now we have officially dropped my wage thinking twice before spending and selling unused items is a great help.

Are you minimalist? do you know any good blogs?

Thoughts of late #3

I really enjoy these mish mash posts about thinks I like/ am thinking

1. The wheels are in motion for finding work/returning to work. Whilst there is no rush the idea of working again and also wearing nice clothes is so exciting!

2. I gave up sugar…. This was my first week and honestly it was easier than I thought. Using the mentoring scheme I have found it fairly easy. I didn’t stick to the food plan but used a lot of recipes. I had a couple of slips, which is to be expected, but these were in the form of a diet coke or meal out rather than sugar. So far I note that I don’t crave sugar, food or anything as much as I used to. Smaller portions satisfy me and I feel less hungry between meals. Also after a nap I used to be almost blind I was so dizzy until I had sugar…. No more! I am doing another 5 weeks and next week my goal is to get it 100% after the 5 weeks I will assess how I feel about sugar and what I want in my regular diary.

3. Millys toys have been having a picnic while she sleeps! My mum gave me this idea and if you set up an enticing scene, a few times a week, you get your coffee I peace whilst they play and destroy it!


4. We have been so outdoors it has been fab…. Water park, beach, walks, river, garden. I am loving summer!

5. Jessica has written a fab post about decreasing food bills. Ideas I am taking include bulk buying cleaning produce and toiletries (including nappies etc for us), meal planning but with space for shopping local and frequently for meat and veg etc! Also a monthly store cupboard item delivery!! I am starting this month by recording what we actually use and eat!

6. Operation Kayla I have been doing the pre workouts ( to get ready for the 12 week challenge after having a baby) and am loving this. It fits my life so well!

7. I think I am finally getting towards the end of this round of life admin… Granted it’s a big few things left, sorting life insurance with new job roles etc, remortgaging flat, getting work done on flat, sorting job….. Buuuut I feel like we are getting there.

8. Milly is getting more independent and loving time with other family members. What’s a girl to do -NEW HAIR


The first pic was post salon, second was post nap on second day. I love it and the beauty is it airdries with some product so I don’t even have to style it!

8. Loving reading blogs and watching youtube channels- note to self must comment more!

9. This week I have been putting myself out there, taking time to think and be creative and working on stuff…. I think it’s good for the soul.

10. After feeling quite run down spa tone sachets seem to be really helping… Anyone else have these?

11. Frozen lemon wedges in the freezer- used to pep up water instead of ice cubes


12. quinoa and sweet potato fritters in mah belly


13. I caved and signed back to beauty boxes. After using all the testers on my trip to the uk I caved!

14. I am still panning up to 7 items now just waiting for enough for the next post!

what are your thoughts lately?

Thoughts of lately no. 2

You all seemed to really love the thoughts of lately post I wrote last time so here goes again…..

1. I am trying so hard not to freak out about how open my future is. I am talking, talking talking about it to rationalise it all and being really open. Which leads me to…..

2. I am being BRAVE, or at least brave for me, I am throwing myself out there. Email contacts who may like my cv for if there is work In my Industry and meeting new people to get my name out there in tough times.

3. I also attending the Pure Glow Cleanse beach workout on Saturday. I got a ticket via Instagram and went along SOLO? Can we just say I never go to anything voluntary solo. In actual fact I am so glad I did as I met some fabulous people and tasted some delicious juice. I had been waiting for Milly to wean so I could do one of their cleanses but I now think I may just buy a six pack to give me extra nutrition once I have finished my no sugar detox (picture below)

4. I have started my no sugar detox with Laura from Happy Sugar Habits so far so good. The first day I was really busy which probably helped but I had…..

Avo and eggs on toast

Coffee no stevia ( not as bad as I thought!)

Falafel and humous

Coleslaw, home baked ham and bread

Coffee no stevia and handful of (wait for it…. ) activated almonds – note for anyone not living in Australia this will not be hilarious, for anyone in Australia – Surprisingly delicious!

And dinner was barley salad with falafel and humous.

My snack was natural yogurt with cinnamon and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

All in all I had lots of energy, zero cravings and it was quite delicious!

5. Did you know up to 50% of fruit and veg grown can end up in landfill because it is deemed too ugly for supermarkets? I didn’t and am feeling quite outraged and am hopefully meeting some people with ideas about this!

6. Ever heard of The Relauncher? I met this lady at the Saturday event, she didn’t know I knew who she was as that was a step too far out my comfort zone, but it looks like she has some fab networking and small business workshop events coming up in Perth and I am pledging to go!

7. I have been so busy. Between job hunting, throwing myself out there with networking, chasing up things in the uk for my flat, sorting the house, selling our stuff or giving it away/loaning it out, following up my potential business idea it is flat out.

8. I am really, really happy with my skin after reading the advice in the Sally Hughes book. If your skin bothers you GET IT NOW.

9. Benefit positint and high beam- how pretty

10. I have A new cleaner. She will come and rearrange your Tupperware cupboard whilst licking it all clean. She only charges cuddles, sloppy kisses and watermelon…



11. Have you heard of hunter-rose my friend has started a sleepware business. No sets are over $50, they are flattering and wear well. Go forth and feel cheeky in bed!

12. evaglo candles are delicious. They smell amazing and as they melt the soy can be used as oil for a massage.

13. After years if keeping this secret my bro and friend Jenn know about this wee blog, hiya folks!

14. A final note, so we dont end on number 13. Milly finally crawls forward. This makes life far less frustrating as she reaches her toys instead of getting further away!

what are your thoughts of late?

A working mother

I have been meaning to write this for a while. When I was pregnant I was sure I would want to return to work a few days a week after a year. Everyone said I would change my mind. I remained open to changing my mind as everyone was so sure I would.

At 3 months I love being a stay at home mum. I would find it hard to go back now as she needs me lots. I look forward to returning to work next year. I hope I can find a job that suits. I am not willing to work more than 3 days a week, I need to be my daughters main carer, and we are lucky to have the luxury I don’t have to. I do miss work, I loved my job and it interested and excited me. Infact more than ever I want to do a job I love, go to work and come home smiling to tell my daughter I loved it. I want her to see people having jobs they love so she expects and wants that for herself!

The extra money is also handy for financial stability and for my other passion travel . I want to show her the world from a young age so she learns to love it and be excited by it as opposed to scared of it.

are you a working mum? Do you plan to be?

Life updates

The last life update I wrote I was fully disorganized in my head. I honestly didn’t know where I was at for home or work. Now things have settled, as per usual, everything has it’s own way of falling into place.

We got a new car a Volkswagen tiguan and it’s great, really perfect for families who do inner city driving as well.

We also did some research and got some opinions and decided to reclad the outside of our house. This is quite an expense but will add value as well as decreasing heating/ cooling costs. By doing this and getting new windows we have spent a fair bit on our abode but it has upgraded it and made it more of a three bedroom house.

I am nervous that we are spending our savings but it seems positive that there will be some kind of job that I want for next year. Ideally I would like to work in my given field 2 or 3 days per week.

The knowledge that I could be working again next year means I am treasuring this year. Making every effort to enjoy each day for what it is. Even if that day is one of those days where milly needs to be cuddled all day and we are parked on the couch. Smiles like this make it soooo worthwhile .


We have also been working out loads: walking in the sun by the river, mum and baby pilates, aqua and barre extend bubs on board are part of our week as well as a vibro plate class which condenses an hours work out into 30 mins so is perfect for mummas. I should get the clearance to run in a week or so aswell! We have been loving these classes as they get us out the house and amongst others!

The diet is gradually being cleaned up, I didn’t stress about an all or nothing approach but am working with crowding out ( ie chucking the good stuff in so there is less room for the bad stuff) as each day goes by I crave the bad stuff less.


This particular offering was pear, coconut water, cucumber, lime and mint! Oh hello gorgeous!

The sunny weather has meant we have been using the pushchair heaps and I carry a blanket in the bottom so if we are running early we can have a quick lie down in the breeze and kick our legs about ( more her than me).

how is life lately for you?

SMART goals

Yep I need to reset the goals so here they are:

To exercise daily even if it is just a walk but ideally to include

3 x toning per week and
3 x running ( couch to 5km) once allowed.
On that note to be able to run 5km by Christmas
To give up all gluten and dairy ( I have done this but to continue)
To cut back on sugar, count points and focus on 80/20 clean food versus treats.
To pay off my credit card by the time I go home ($50 per week)
To get the food bills back to $150 per week
To get our budget back on track
To fit my old jeans comfortably ( they are muffin toppy now) by Xmas
To be my wedding weight by new year.

Next years goals so far are

To run a half marathon
To get to my final goal weight

what are your goals? How do you focus on them?

The truth about life with a newborn

When I was pregnant I had heard so much about life with a newborn. Now I am a month I. I have a few observations:

The first week or so is the hardest- you are healing, learning to breastfeed, bleeding and dealing with a newborn who is all over the place having just come into the world.

I have still wanted to be dressed in a nice way each day even if it is casual. I have found a statement necklace lifts the plainest outfit.

Mineral makeup is great because if you are too tired to take it off it doesn’t block your pores!

Get moving- walking and being out the house makes you feel better and is a great way to spin the baby out between feeds.

I feed my baby on demand- if she is hungry she is fed.

You need to teach babies day from night and it takes a while.

It is hard as the mums are what the babies need for the first few months so your life changes more than anyone else’s, but on the flip side you will be so close with your baby and have special moments.

The tiredness is much easier to handle than I expected.

Breastfeeding makes you hungry.

Accept all the help you can.

Everyone wants to visit. They stay ages, now is the time to be rude and ask people to leave. You need rest and have a newborn who also needs sleep.

The hardest thing is that you are the one who needs to look after the baby but when you are on your own its tricky as you smell like milk so they just want to feed!

You will watch junk tv- dont tell the bride and come dine with me are my faves!

Even if you feel really short tempered be kind to your other half and hope they treat you with kindness as it makes this time super special!

It is the best thing ever.

Milly rose is here

It has been a long while since I have posted, life has been hectic. Grab a cuppa lets catch up…..

I finished work at 34 weeks pregnant. This was the right decision for me. I needed to organise my house, clean, shop for the baby and do lots of jobs. More importantly I needed to do this at a slower pace. In all honestly I found resting hard, in the end I discovered a lie down with a book was the best rest I could enjoy.

At 38 weeks my mum came out. I can’t say too much as she has only just left again and i will cry but quite frankly I shared the most special 6 weeks of my life with my closest family and friend. She was there for the birth, helped me get comfortable with being a mum and just made a special time more wonderful.

At 40 weeks I was induced. We had thought the baby was coming the week before via c-section as she was brow presenting but a final scan showed she had moved and we waited. I can write a birth story if people want to read more detail but in summary I loved my birth, it was honestly one of the most positive experiences of my life. I felt well cared for and supported and I really feel like I didn’t suffer too much at all. After such a positive birth I healed well and have been walking about since the next day and doing longer walks and tasks since around 1 week post partum. By 3 weeks post partum I felt like myself again.

I am now nearly 4 weeks post partum and life has been a whirlwind. I have had a lot of help and through this have not felt too overwhelmed. Gradually we have got Milly’s bedtime back to a more reasonable 10pm from an outrageous 3am after she was born. We are breastfeeding well and she is stacking on weight which makes me happy. I am finding my feet slowly but surely and working out how we work together in a day- how to fit in my house work, cooking, laundry and also making myself presentable each day. Since the day after the birth I have made sure I am up, showered and dressed daily which I think has helped me to feel normal.

Other things of note; I am now walking daily and loving it ( I missed it daily towards the end of pregnancy- I am now looking forward to when I can jog again), I cut fodmaps again and not only do I feel better but Milly seems much more settled and less tummy achy. YesI miss sleep but I am managing fine. I don’t know what I currently weight, I am no lo get in maternity clothes but am a flabbier version of myself…. I am not stressed I will do it slowly and sensibly and just want to be back to my comfy size and fit and toned by Christmas.

I have spent a small fortune lately, now I need to be back on the baby budget!

Being three is even more amazing than being two. Sometimes I see my husband holding my daughter and i want to cry i am so full of love!

I have never known love like I feel for my daughter. I now realise more than ever what a brave, strong woman my mother was to set me free and support me moving to australia. I really hope that soon we can all live closer and the three generations can cause chaos!

Here is a quick snap shot of the light of my life.

how did pregnancy and birth change your world?


Another blooming month has passed

How has another month passed??? my life is flying by. I honestly cannot believe it is June and in 18 days I am getting married. Frankly I am nothing but excited by this and find it more than a little offensive that I have to work this week.

This break has been grand. My other half has been working away which has given me a lot of me time and girl time.

First up I watched GIRLS. Has anyone else watched this? I don’t know if its great or gross?!?

I also went shopping and replaced my bare minerals. Nothing else works so well for my face. I re purchased the starter kit so I have one for site and one for home.

Speaking of site the whole minerals industry seems to have tightened up a lot. I am really focusing on keeping the job I have by working hard and doing well.

That said I have an amazing holiday coming up and cannot wait. I have end of term syndrome. I also cannot wait to see my family and friends.

Speaking of friends, phew. I had a HENS. It was perfect for me. Given that I am a prickly character who doesn’t like to be too drunk, doesn’t hold much alcohol and hates drunk people, strangers and people I don’t know touching me it was a tough order. It was amazing. I dressed as a cow girl, laughed, drunk and made merry. We had a disco bus, we went to bars I have never been to, a band sang a song to me, I danced in a cage with friends (!?!), I went in a club, I got home at 2am.. who the hell am i? It is possible I am frank the tank. kI also didn’t even hate all the pictures on facebook and really didn’t feel so awkward about myself at all.

Sunday was a day of sofa and TV and basically waiting for bed time so I could wake up today and feel better. Today I am hiking, chilling, putting things on ebay, blogging and then having a ladies trip to the Gatsby!

Although I miss my other half when he works away it has been a good solid set of girl time which I have loved. I spent a few days thinking about stuff in the lead up to the wedding and I really love
my life. I love my job, I love living in Perth andI really like the life I have built for myself in Perth too.

Also, how do you comment on other blogs using an ipad.. for the life of me I cannot!

From this end happy days.. What have you been up to ? How are you all?